Sunday, August 16, 2009

WSF/C++ on Solaris

If somebody is interested in porting WSF/C++ to Solaris here is an excellent guilde for building C/C++ software for Solaris.

Also following solved one of my problems when porting a C++ application to Solaris.

Currently I'm busy with some other stuff. If nobody is interested on porting WSF/C++ on Solaris I'll start after finishin my current stuff.


  1. With little effort I could successfully build and run WSF/C++ on a Solaris x86 box. The changes include some include file ordering and a AC_CHECK_LIB macro for socket library in some configuration files. Also make sure to configure with the --with-openssl option with the correct path to my openssl library.

    Also I heard that Nandika also managed to run WSF/C++ on a Mac box with even little changes.

    These changes are availabe with the latest svn copy of WSF/C++.